I saw this idea covered in several places on the Internet, which is a great idea!  I thought I'd share with you how I made my version.

I chose some beads that I thought would make nice 'bottles'.  I used jewellery (or jewelry as they spell it in the USA) wires as shown to keep the stoppers on the bottles.

~ Making Perfume Bottles from Beads ~

The metal tray is a finding I bought at a local fabric store notions department.  It was the perfect shape - I didn't have to bend it or alter it in any way.  I slipped the wires through the little holes in the tray.  I was happy with the way it looked at that point.
I cut off the excess wire and twisted a loop at the end of each wire, which I folded down to tuck into the bottom of the tray.

I think this will give it all maximum stability and give the glue more to grab.
The entire tray will be glued to the dresser.  I can make sure each bottle is sitting nice and upright once I do that step.  Not the best photograph, but it gives you the idea.  You could use bigger beads for a larger scale house.
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Add-a-beads make lovely decorative jars for your dresser tops.  I bought this bead at a place that sells loose beads for 40 pence.  You can top them with anything that looks pretty to you, but I used a silver spring bead.  I filled the middle of the big bead with Blue Tack, then trimmed and bent back the pin wire so it doubled back on itself, then inserted it into the Blue Tack-filled centre of the bead.
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